Your Donation Grids are the engine that is going to allow you to begin receiving donations instantly from people all over the world. This text, along with the videos provided, will give you more details on exactly how the Donation Grids work as well as give you a strategy on how you can maximize the amount of donations coming to you. Once you fully understand the power of how the Donation Grids work then you can make the best choice as to what level of participation works the best for you.

You always receive half of the donation from the people you personally invite as well as anybody else that falls into your Grid. That can be very significant because we have 8 different Donation Grid levels - there's a $40 Grid, an $80 Grid, a $150 Grid, a $300 Grid, a $600 Grid, a $1200 Grid, a $2400 Grid and a $4800 Grid. You can be receiving instant donations in as many of these different Donation Grids as you want to. Each of the Grids are running simultaneously so if you choose to be in 4 different Grid levels for example then you can be receiving the corresponding donations from all 4 of those Grids at the same time. If you choose to be in all 8 of the Donation Grids then you can be receiving immediate donations from all 8 Grids all at the same time.

It's always better to be receiving from multiple Donation Grids simultaneously but it all depends on what works for you and your situation. Some people start with the $40 Grid and work their way up. Others may start with the first 3 Grids of $40, $80 and $150 and upgrade from there. There are other people who don't want to leave any money on the table so they start with the first 6 Grids and then work their way up to the other 2 Grid levels as they go. Do what's best for you as you know your own situation best. The bottom line is that the more Grids you're in, the more donation streams you have to maximize the donation amounts to you. It can be extremely exciting to be receiving donations from a number of different Grids each and every day.

Here's an example to show the power of being in multiple Donation Grids and how it works for you to be simultaneously receiving instant donations from all Grids. Let's say you started with the $40, $80, $150 and $300 Grids. That means you have 4 separate Grids working for you and generating donations for you. Sue comes in and decides to start with the $40 and $80 Grids. She lands in both of your Grids and she immediately makes half of the donation of each Grid level to you - in this case that would be $20 and $40. Remember - You always receive half of the donation at a Grid level when somebody lands in your Grid. Now Bill comes in - he does what you did - he starts with the first 4 donation Grids so he lands in all of your grids and sends you 4 donations. Jack comes in with the $40, $80 and $150 Grids - he lands in those Grids and sends you 3 donations. This is the power of having multiple Grids working for you and generating donations for you. Imagine how powerful that's going to be when you work your way up to being in all 8 Donation Grids and they're all generating donations for you at the same time.

It's important to know that our system works uses teamwork to help fill the Grids. You're never in it alone. You're working with a team that are all helping and doing the same thing. There are 5 different ways that spots in all of your Grids can fill and create instant donations to you. We'll just use the $150 Grid as an example but keep in mind that this can be happening in all of your Grids at the same time. Ways your Grids can fill:

150 Grid - 71st Way. You share the information with Sue using our powerful landing page. She wants to receive donations from all over the world too. She joins, she fills a spot in your Grid and she makes a $75 donation to you.

2nd Way. Sue shares her landing page with Sally. Sally falls into your Grid and makes a $75 donation to you.

3rd Way. The person that invited you shares with Bill. He lands in your Grid and he makes a $75 donation to you.

4th Way. Bill shares with Tom and he lands in your Grid making another $75 donation to you.

5th Way. When people you've personally invited complete their Grids, they come back and fill another spot in your Grid. It repeats over and over creating endless donations to you.

As you can see, there's a lot of ways that people can land in your Grids and be making donations to you. To really make it happen fast, you want to plug in with our Impact System for Success and start sharing with people right away. Let our system do the work for you. And because we have what everybody's looking for, you'll see that things start moving quickly. Your goal is to find at least two people as fast as you possibly can. Not only will that help complete your Grid rapidly, but it will also qualify you to be able to open up a new Grid at that same level once your first Grid is complete. Then you get to keep receiving donations at that level over and over again.

Your goal is to personally invite at least two people so you're qualified. However there are some huge advantages to inviting as many people as you can. That's because each time somebody you personally invited completes their Donation Grid, they follow you and take another spot in your Grid at that level and make another donation to you. Having 2 people following you is good. Having 5, 10, 20 or more people follow you makes you absolutely fly through the Grids and it gets an avalanche of donations coming your way. And not only do your people follow you, but their people follow them making it go even faster. This can get really big in a hurry if you take action with our System to start spreading the word.

So you've seen the advantages of being in multiple Donation Grids and you've seen the different ways people can land in your Grids and make instant donations to you. There's a couple of other things to be aware of when making your decision as to what level of Grids you want to start with:

1.  You must be in the Grids in ascending order.  For example, you must be in the $40 Grid to be in the $80 Grid.  You must be in the $80 Grid to be in the $150 Grid.  And so on.  So choose the combination of Grids that works for your situation.

2.  You must be in a Grid to receive donations at that Grid level.  As an example, if you're only in the $40 and $80 Grids and you share this with Pete who comes in at the $40, $80, and $150 levels you'll miss out on the donation at the $150 level from Pete because you aren't in a Grid there.  You haven't lost Pete permanently because when you do upgrade to the $150 Grid and Pete completes his current $150 Grid Pete will then come back and follow you into your $150 Grid.  It's definitely something to consider regarding the Grid levels you want to be in because you don't want to leave any money on the table.  But don't put pressure on yourself - pick the levels that work for your own situation.

3.  Whichever level of Grids you choose to participate in, it's very important to know that the donations for those Grid levels must be made immediately.  Pick the Grid levels that you have the funds available for right now so that you can make those donations right away.  If your funds aren't available right now, then wait until they are available before you join.

So a couple of good questions to ask yourself when deciding are:

1.  What levels of donations do I want to receive?  Would I be happy with only receiving $20 donations?  Or do I want to be receiving $20, $40, $75, $150 donations and more all simultaneously?  If you were in all of the 8 Donation Grids and you were to just complete each of those Grids once a month you would receive $28,710 for the month.  Now that's BIG!!! It's life changing!! Even if you were to only complete each of those Grids once every 2 months what would that do for your financial situation?

8 Donation Grid Levels

$40 - 6 Donations X $20 = $120
$80 - 6 Donations X $40 = $240
$150 - 6 Donations X $75 = $450
$300 - 6 Donations X $150 = $900
$600 - 6 Donations X $300 = $1800
$1200 - 6 Donations X $600 = $3600
$2400 - 6 Donations X $1200 = $7200
$4800 - 6 Donations X $2400 = $14400

Total $28710

Note - This is an example for illustrative purposes only - Your individual results may vary.

2.  What do I have for available funds to make the donations for the levels of the Grids I choose?  Again all donations for every Grid level you pick must be made immediately so choose accordingly.

That's how it works - it's simple but very powerful.  Here's the process for getting started and putting yourself in position to instantly begin receiving donations at a number of different levels:

1.  Go to the link of the person who shared this with you and click on Join.  Enter your information and click Register.  You'll get an email with a link to verify your email address.

2.  Login to your back office and pay for your membership fee and choose the Donation Grids that work for you based on the funds you have available.

3.  Follow the instructions to immediately make your required donations to the person that invited you.  Have them confirm those donations right away and once that's done your Donation Grids will now be open to receive donations for you.  This will also activate the Join button on your new Impact101 website and landing page so you can start sharing this tremendous situation with the people you care about. At the same time, you'll receive instructions for the other donations you must send to the other people whose Donation Grids you landed in.  Make those donations immediately as well.

4.  Plug into our Impact System For Success and use it to share this amazing opportunity with as many people as quickly as you can. Let our system do all of the explaining for you.

We look forward to helping you make an impact in your life, in the lives of the people you care about, in your community and in the causes you care about. We will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve the success you want and deserve.

Welcome to the Impact101 Team!